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  1. The Baker's Dilemma
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  3. Consistency vs Improvement: a Baker’s Dilemma? | The Lost World of Drfugawe
  4. The Baker’s Dilemma and the inequity of restricted funding
  5. The Baker's Dilemma

It's rated for level 23 characters and is found in Memphis.

The Baker's Dilemma

Speak to the baker to begin, and you'll learn her coworker was arrested. Use Senu to discover his exact location once the conversation ends.

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When you get close to the objective, you'll realize that the taster is being carted around. This complicates things because the horses will get scared and flee if they see combat. Go to the northern part of the city and talk to the baker to activate this new side mission picture1.

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After the dialogue, mark your target with Senu and attack the convoy, after eliminating all the soldiers. Then, save the taster and escort him to the young woman pictures You will then have to go to the indicated area and mark the jars of poisoned cakes using Senu picture4. Once done, enter discreetly in the camp and head towards the first 4 jars to the east, in order to destroy them pictures You can then go to the last two objectives, and destroy them to complete this side quest picture7.

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ASSASSIN'S CREED ORIGINS 28A(Side Quest: The Baker's Dilemma)

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Consistency vs Improvement: a Baker’s Dilemma? | The Lost World of Drfugawe

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  • The Baker’s Dilemma.
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The Baker’s Dilemma and the inequity of restricted funding

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The Baker's Dilemma

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