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It alerts the prospect that you are actively listening and mindful enough to experience the situation from their point of view. What problems create, however, are opportunities. The entirety of the client-salesperson relationship is built on delivering value, so why not make a concerted effort to accentuate this fact?

How to put sales first when English is your second language

Take time to explain what value your company can offer your client, and how you can improve their current situation. In light of this, it makes perfect sense to reiterate your dedication to seeing this transaction in terms of the value you can provide a prospect.

Master the Language of Sales

Frame all of the touchpoints of your conversation around their experiences, as it drives home the idea that your prospect and the issues they face are the focal point. Another easy way to personalize conversations and establish a friendly rapport is to call the prospect by their name. It turns out that asking your prospect to imagine a scenario accomplishes two powerful goals. The second important way it impacts the conversation is that it encourages the client to think forward to a time in the near future when things are better because of their relationship with you.

Generally, people appreciate being offered a reason in any conversation, and a sales situation is no different. Once again, this helps keep the focus on the client and their needs rather than you and your company. The post-sale period is one of the most important parts of the B2B process.

The Language of Sales: What to Say (and Not Say) | Contracting Business

By talking about what you can accomplish together, you can elicit this spirit of collaboration and affirm you are interested in a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with them. Whether you like it or not, your choice of language has a huge impact on your ability to sell. Your conscious or unconscious use of vocabulary can come back to bite you. Alternatively it could make you seem infinitely more trustworthy. You may be sitting there daunted about the possibility of changing how you talk.

Language of Sales – New KW MAPS Coaching Course

Language is just a tool in your sales arsenal. You should never talk up or down to anyone when selling to them. Have a clear direction where the conversation should go but leave everything to happen naturally. The package looks great and you know this candidate will love your spec. Influential asking powerful questions.

Sales Jobs

I believe mastering the language of sales will most definitely improve my business results and recommend the class to every agent in real estate. High accountability and experience has helped our business stay on track.

Sales Training

This course is NOT just about sales and scripts but how to speak to people on a higher level that persuades and adjusts their thinking and attitudes. Well worth the financial investment! My business has grown exponentially and I'm just starting to implement the language of sales!

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