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Not all agree. Anyway, I was astonished that this website had a slick looking little booklet that just contained all the messages and known actions of Al Qaida and Osama bin Laden in a visual timeline for Department of Transportation seed money — plus he will probably get Department of Energy program money too without even having worked out what will work. I mean — when is the last time any of those guys or gals from MIT — walked in the hot sun to get their groceries — a mile there and back?

A fabric can be stretched times on a machine without ever finding out that a hangnail will catch on it and cause it to run a snag in it. Female suicide bomber strikes Chechen capital AFP —? Sep 16, ? Indonesian troops kill Al Qaeda-linked militant Noordin Mohammad Top was a key fugitive in a string of suicide bombings in Indonesia. Indonesian National Police Chief Gen. Bambang Hendarso Danuri. Bambang Hendarso Danuri, center, holds a news conference in Jakarta, the capital.

Solo, Indonesia — Special forces raided a hide-out Thursday and killed militant leader Noordin Mohammad Top, striking at the heart of the terrorist network behind a deadly campaign of suicide attacks in Indonesia, including bombings of nightclubs in Bali. Noordin, 41, had eluded capture for more than seven years.

He was tracked down to a house in the city of Solo in central Java, a breeding ground for militant Islam, where an overnight siege and hours-long gunfight ended at dawn with an explosion. Four bodies were recovered from the burned-out house, including that of Noordin and an alleged explosives expert, Bagus Budi Pranato, who was believed to have made the bombs used in the July 17 attacks on the J.

Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels that killed nine people and wounded more than Neighbors said the property was rented five months ago by a young couple who were teaching at a nearby Islamic school. The husband was among those killed. His wife was wounded but was in stable condition. Police also recovered hundreds of pounds of explosives, as well as assault rifles and grenades. DNA tests had not yet been conducted. Norton was hired by Royal Dutch Shell after a subsidiary obtained oil leases.

Former Interior Secretary Gale Norton is focus of corruption probe The Justice Department investigation centers on a decision to award oil shale leases in Colorado to a Royal Dutch Shell subsidiary. Months later, the oil giant hired Norton as a legal counsel. Norton illegally used her position to benefit Royal Dutch Shell PLC, the company that later hired her, according to officials in federal law enforcement and the Interior Department.

Over the years it would take to extract the oil, according to calculations from Shell and a Rand Corp. Bush administration and more recently made a formal criminal referral to the Justice Department. Norton is the first Bush official at the Cabinet secretary level to be the subject of a formal political corruption investigation. Shell spokeswoman Kelly C. Shell has not received an official notification with regard to a government investigation. Interior Department investigators referred the case to the Justice Department after concluding that there was sufficient evidence of potential illegal conduct, according to federal law enforcement and Interior officials.

The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive and confidential nature of the case. Those officials said the referral was based on an already comprehensive Interior Department investigation that included interviews with numerous Interior employees. The Justice Department has assigned prosecutors from its public integrity section and the U. Later, as a private lawyer, she represented mining, timber and oil companies. Norton also backed commercial development of the oil shale reserves buried in the rocks of the Mountain West.

The highly controversial process promises immense fuel production, but environmentalists argue that it contaminates rugged landscapes and drains precious water. In early — following the recommendations of a team representing several federal agencies and states — the department announced that it planned to award Shell three oil shale leases. Norton resigned two months later, saying that she had no job lined up. In December of that year, Shell announced it had hired Norton as in-house counsel to its unconventional fuels division, which includes oil shale.

The Justice Department, working with Interior Department investigators, is looking into whether Shell received a competitive advantage or other preferential treatment from the Interior Department in the awarding of the leases. The federal government long has sought a cost-effective way to extract the abundant oil resources from Western shale rock.

The leases, five in Colorado and one in Utah, granted access to up to acres of federal land apiece to develop shale programs — with an option to increase that to 5, acres once a technique proved commercially viable. Bartis, a shale expert at Rand. At the time, critics accused the Interior Department of undermining a central goal of the leases by awarding three of them to Shell. The leases were meant to allow companies to test distinct methods for extracting shale from rock.

Critics also raised questions about the fairness of the process, given that Shell filed its first lease application just a day after the department issued its call for proposals in June That August, Bush signed the Energy Policy Act of , which included a provision that changed federal law to allow companies to hold multiple oil shale leases. Interior Department officials said they did not notify potential bidders that the law had changed. Shell, which had lobbied Congress to allow companies to hold more than one lease, quickly filed two more applications, BLM records show.

The lease proposals were evaluated in the fall of by the interdisciplinary team that included representatives of several Western governors and from the Energy and Defense departments. The Interior Department investigation initially focused on whether agency officials had improperly assisted Shell and other private-sector companies.

Three of the interviewed BLM employees — who all spoke on condition of anonymity because an investigation was ongoing — said the questions investigators posed focused on Norton and her role in the lease process. Golf balls in the national park: a subpar tribute? A Joshua Tree spokesman says a man confessed to throwing up to 3, balls into the desert park to honor dead golfers. By David Kelly. A man claiming he was paying tribute to dead golfers tossed up to 3, golf balls into the biggest sand trap he could find: Joshua Tree National Park.

But where year-old Douglas Jones saw commemoration, park rangers saw wholesale littering, and he faces possible jail time and other sanctions. We were wondering what was going on here. There were also some tennis balls involved. Rangers also found cans of fruit and vegetables left in the desert along with park literature tossed around. There was no rhyme or reason to it. He left the cans of fruit and vegetables supposedly for the assistance of stranded hikers.

He was hurling them from his car. The balls, numbering between 2, and 3,, were unlikely to pose a threat unless an animal mistook one for an egg and tried to swallow it, Zarki said. But the cleanup was a different story. Jones was cited for littering, feeding wildlife and abandoning property. He will appear before a federal judge later this month. If found guilty, he could be fined, sent to jail or banished from the park. Jones was unavailable for comment Thursday. He hikes out in Joshua Tree every three months or so, and he golfs maybe once a week.

General Atomics of San Diego produces a large quantity of algae in a pool of circulating water. The goal for scientists is to separate the oil from the algae and create a clean biofuel. The San Diego area has become a hotbed for these efforts that are drawing investors. To many, algae is little more than pond scum, a nuisance to swimmers and a frustration to boaters.

But to a growing community of scientists and investors in Southern California, there is oil locked in all that slimy stuff, and several dozen companies are racing to try to figure how best to unleash it and produce an affordable biofuel. The companies and several research labs have set up shop in the San Diego area, many of them in an area nicknamed Biotech Beach.

There, about biotech companies of all kinds are clustered near La Jolla on the mesa above Torrey Pines State Beach. National energy companies are converging on the fledgling industry. Exxon Mobil Corp. San Diego wants to be associated with algae, while other cities have other fish to fry and think of algae as just one of many things. Supplementing the research is experimental aquaculture, as farming in fresh- and saltwater is known. The arid Imperial Valley to the east is now home to several massive algae farms, one with nearly acres of ponds in all shades of green being swirled by paddles to expose the organisms to more sunlight.

Louis, Seattle and a few other cities, have disregarded the skeptics and emerged as hotbeds of algae biofuel research. Seeking to unite and enhance much of the algae work underway in San Diego County is a new research consortium. It aims to help clear barriers to commercializing algae biofuels by identifying new algae strains and harvesting methods.

Kay, who is also dean of biological sciences at UC San Diego. Algae, he said, can be harvested more often and at greater yields than many other potential biofuel crops such as soybeans or grasses. Unlike food and several other biofuel sources, algae is being eyed because it can thrive in difficult environments such as salty or polluted water or in the desert, freeing up valuable agricultural space. Fuel from the microorganisms has already been tested in airplanes and is being groomed for use at NASA test facilities and in the Navy.

Last month, San Diego-based biofuel gorilla Sapphire Energy unveiled its Algaeus plug-in hybrid vehicle, which will run on an algae-based renewable gasoline. Scientists also envision using algae for more than just fuel, tapping it instead for fish or livestock feed, antibacterial products, foams for windmill blades and, in one futuristic vision, in cancer therapies. In the s, early research into algae biofuels stagnated as oil prices dropped and funding was siphoned off to cancer, AIDS and bioethanol studies, Kay said.

Algae is now making a comeback, buoyed by the eco-friendly movement and concerns about dependence on traditional fuels. But the slimy stuff is no magic wand, experts say. Expecting algae to make a meaningful dent in fossil fuel usage is still a tall order, experts said.

The algal biofuel production process is often lambasted as inefficient by other biofuel competitors. Benemann, an algae biofuel consultant with Benemann Associates in Walnut Creek. The problem is translating successful lab experiments to an industrial scale. Mass algae biofuel production could require enormous pools or photobioreactors while growing a proportionally small amount of algae. Technology needs to be developed to systematically extract the oil from the organisms.

Mortenson, chief executive of Community Fuels in Encinitas. Biofuel companies often have to wade through a tangle of permits, taxes and compliance measures in California. Aquaculture alone requires more than 15 permits, with more for waste disposal and water use. Although Kai can produce only about 20 gallons per minute while it needs gallons a minute to be commercially viable on a large scale, Chairman Mario C.

Larach is optimistic. Lloyds has a vast exposure to the UK property market and there is still huge uncertainty about the prospects of the real estate sector. The group has not been happy about the fees associated with the scheme and, after seeing its share price rise, may have been encouraged to go it alone. Earlier in the summer, rival bank Barclays opted against entering the Government scheme as a means of ring-fencing its toxic debts.

It chose instead to protect itself from losses by selling a fund management arm to raise fresh capital — and was allowed to do so. But, I like everyone else assumed they knew more than the average bear without ever getting real tough about it and checking to see if they were making sense.

Silly me. I watched Bernanke sit right there and give his testimony last spring a year ago in Congress, saying that everything was going to be just wonderful with maybe the slightest little contraction in a couple areas. What kind of citizenship is that? To be honest, I still admire Harvard and many other University educated individuals along with their specialists in a variety of fields. And, I still believe in the Republican principles that are in the foundations of our country but not in the way the Republican conservative right-wing administrations of my lifetime have applied them.

Those people were very, very wrong and caused far-reaching harms for everyone except themselves. Unfortunately, most of that will never be fixed either. The Larger Tsaidam Da Qaidam site has two missiles stored horizontally in tunnels near the launch pad. Fuel and oxidiser is stored in separate tunnels with lines to the launch pad. Da Qaidam is one of five location at which a total of between 10 and 20 DF-4s were deployed as of early The facility is probably headquarters for one of the three launch brigades, each with up to three launch battalions, subordinated to the Second Artillery Corps Unit, a Division headquartered in Xining, Qinghai province.

The Unit is able to target sites in the former Soviet Union and India, and indications exist that the Unit may upgrade to the DF Da Qaidam [Large Tsaidam] has been identified as the location of this Brigade headquarters. The reported relationship between Da Qaidam and Xiao Qaidam, notably the disposition of nuclear warheads, might suggest that the Xiao Qaidam facility is the primary location for this unit.

However, the apparent Chinese practice of locating headquarters units separately from operational weapons locations, as seen with Second Artillery Corps Division headquarters locations, would appear to confirm Da Qaidam as the probable location for the Brigade headquarters. Stokes [U. GDACS estimates the likelihood for need of international humanitarian intervention to be low Green alert. This earthquake can have a low humanitarian impact since the affected region is sparsely populated and has medium resilience for natural disasters.

The earthquake 12km from the city of Da Qaidam Zhen. The nearest populated places are Datouyang 19km , Da Qaidam 17km. It is a mountainous region with a maximum altitude of m. Caution: this information is based on risk models. Whether international humanitarian aid is needed must be decided by an expert. Seismic region: Northern Qinghai. The earthquake happened in China , Qinghai Province population: The earthquake occurred at 10h local time. At this time a day, more people are at work and therefore more vulnerable to collapsing office buildings.

During traffic hours, people can be affected by collapsing bridges and other road infrastructure. In urban areas more damage can be expected than in cultivated or natural areas. Resilience is the capacity of the population to cope with a hazard. Since much of investments in earthquake preparedness and available funds for quick response is related to household income, the GDP per capita can be used as a rough indicator of resilience.

Therefore, the earthquake happened in an area of medium resilience. Both conditions for survival and conditions for delivering aid strongly depend on the current weather and temperature. The following graphs show the current and forecast weather. Current weather conditions and forecasts at earthquake location lat: Temperature chart currently not available. Try to refresh page. Precipitation chart currently not available. Cloud cover chart currently not available. Probability of Secondary effects. Since this is a medium slope, the risk of earthquake induced landslides is medium.

Note, however, that the slope data is not reliable on a local scale, while landslides depend very much on local topography, soil and meteorological conditions.

Anthony Bourdain - Roma Parte 1 - Inglés

More… Critical infrastructure. The distance to nuclear installations is evaluated based on a UN dataset containing the location of nuclear plants in the world. If plants are near and the earthquake magnitude is above 6. Note that the location of plants is approximate with errors of up to km. Getting there and away.

The nearest civilian airport Golmud is at km from the epicenter. Other airports are: Golmud West km , Golmud km. While we try everything to ensure accuracy, this information is purely indicative and should not be used for any decision making without alternate sources of information.

The JRC is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the use of the information presented on this website. This map shows the predicted theoretical travel times, in minutes, of the compressional P wave from the earthquake location to points around the globe. The travel times are computed using the spherically-symmetric IASP91 reference earth velocity model. The heavy black lines shown are the approximate distances to the P-wave shadow zone to degrees.

Preliminary Earthquake Report U. This photo is selected for Google Earth [? Posted by feww on August 28, Magnitude 6.

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Strong Earthquake measuring 6. The earthquake was followed by at least 4 large aftershocks at the time of writing, two of which measured 5. Based on FEWW analysis, the earthquake may have been as powerful as a magnitude 6. Friday, the China Earthquake Administration said, but no casualties have been reported.

A total of aftershocks had been registered by 11 a. The epicenter, at Da Qaidam is a sparsely populated district with an average altitude of 4, meters and about 16, people, including Mongolians, Tibetans, Muslim Hui and Han. The district covers 34, square km and administers three townships. On Nov. The quake only toppled several huts and caused cracks in the walls of some mud houses. In April , a 6. Editor: Anne Tang — copyright the news agency. FEWW strongly believes that this earthquake was triggered by human activity, especially the extensive mining operations in the region. In November , a mainshock measuring 6.

This entry was posted on August 28, at am and is filed under China earthquake, Earthquakes, Seismic Hazard, Seismic event, earthquake report, seismic activity report. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

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You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Note: Unless a great seismic event [magnitude of about 7. The enterprising corporate arm of Mafia has found an answer to the age old problem of energy growth: Go Nuclear. They will dump it in the ocean for you at premium prices. Italian authorities have located the wreck of a vessel with barrels of toxic waste on board, which they say was sunk by the mafia, off the south coast of Italy.

Greco said investigators believed there were 32 ships carrying toxic waste sunk by the mafia since the introduction of tighter environmental legislation in the s made illegal waste disposal a lucrative business for crime groups. Marcus Eriksen. This entry was posted on September 16, at am and is filed under Calabria, Silvestro Greco, Tyrrhenian sea, coast of Italy, dumping at sea. This caution also extends to the fidelity of the information provided by UN organizations e.

And cracks were visible on some houses in Dachaidan town in the vicinity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sommaire Summary [masquer]. The Qaidam Basin is located at altitudes between 2 and 3 m on the Qinghai-Tibet, and is surrounded by mountain ranges, some reaching 6 m altitude.

From east to west it measures about km and from north to south about km. Le plus grand lac du bassin de Qaidam est le Dabsan Hu , au nord de la ville de Golmud. The salt lakes of Qaidam Basin is such that it forms a thick crust to the surface, ensuring that the lakes are often not perceived as such. The salt in these lakes, especially north of the city of Golmud is the subject of an industrial scale.

Les principales villes sont Golmud , Delingha et Da Qaidam. The main cities are Golmud, Delingha and Da Qaidam. Because of its high altitude and its distance to the sea, the Qaidam Basin has a continental climate. The winters are long and very cold and sandstorms are frequent in the spring. The mountain ranges that impede the arrival of rains, parts of the basin are among the driest regions of China.

The average temperature in Golmud is 4. Une section alternative de la branche sud de la route de la soie traverse le bassin du Qaidam [ 1 ] , [ 2 ]. An alternative section of the southern branch of the Silk Road through the Qaidam Basin [1], [2]. Recent archaeological excavations suggest that this route would, it is 1 years, been more prosperous than through the Gansu corridor [3]. The development activity, primarily related to mineral resources in the region, has resulted in a significant increase in the population: it increased from 10 to inhabitants between and The nomads living in the basin consist of both Tibetan and Mongolian.

In the most desolate regions, particularly in the arid climate, only the Mongolian nomads are present, for their animals camels, horses, sheep tail fat bear out the harsh conditions, unlike the yaks and sheep Tibetan nomads [4]. Tibetans believe that China wants to solve its energy problems at the expense of oil and gas resources of Tibet, while accelerating the transfer of Chinese settlers to the detriment of the fragile ecosystem and cultural heritage of Tibet [8]. Among its many mineral resources, most notably the oil, the natural gas, the coal, the sodium chloride, the potassium, the magnesium, the lead, the zinc and the gold [9] and large reserves of asbestos, of borax and gypsum.

The Qaidam possess the largest reserves of lithium, of magnesium, the potassium and sodium across China. Le lac de Qarhan contient soixante milliards de tonnes de sel. Lake Qarhan contains sixty billion tons of salt. Bases of strategic nuclear missiles DF-4 would be installed since the s near Delingha and Da Qaidam [10], [11], [12], [13]. Hill, notes 5. The World Bank backtracked on its loan to the Chinese province of Qinghai [archive] 6. Carte des zones de relocalisation [archive] , World Bank? Area Map relocation, [archive] World Bank 8. The World Petroleum Congress revives concerns related to the development of the oil industry in Tibet [archive] 9.

Mulvenon, Andrew ND Yang, chap. Chinese Nuclear Forces and U. DF-4 Intermediate-range ballistic missile [archive] , sinodefence. DF-4 Intermediate-range ballistic missile, [archive] sinodefence. It dates back to the formation of a ground-to-ground missile training group on 9 December which was later reorganized into strategic guided missile combat battalions on 18 March It dates back to the formation of a ground-to training-ground missile group on 9 December Which was later reorganized into strategic guided missile combat battalions on 18 March Although it only makes up about 4 percent of the PLA, it receives 12 to 15 percent of the defense budget and about 20 percent of the total procurement budget.

In the early eighties the Second Artillery Corps conducted its first combined arms exercise. Due to a lack of campaign tactics using tactical nuclear weapons, then Second Artillery Corps commander Lieutenant General Li Xuge ordered extensive theater nuclear missile exercises. Due to a lack of campaign tactics using tactical nuclear weapons, then Second Artillery Corps ordered Lieutenant General Li Xuge ordered extensive theater nuclear missile exercises.

reserve berryessa valley: Topics by

In , the Second Artillary Corps Engineering College transferred 29 technical personnel from over 10 specialized disciplines. The purpose was develop a new missile simulation training system. The project was completed in a span of three months. The purpose was Develop a new missile simulation training system. However, to carry out a doctrine of limited deterrence, China would need to upgrade its entire nuclear force structure. In fact, John Lewis and Hua Di argue that for many years missile designers did not concern themselves with nuclear strategy, though the targets they designed missiles to hit — Japan, the Philippines, Guam and the continental United States — did imply a strategic retaliatory doctrine.

No consideration was given to nuclear strategy by the Second Artillery Corps until the mids. In fact, John Lewis Hua Di and argues that for many years missile designers did not concern themselves with nuclear strategy, though the targets they designed to hit missiles — Japan, the Philippines, Guam and the continental United States — did Retaliatory imply a strategic doctrine. Conventional Doctrine Conventional Doctrine Because China lacks an effective air force, missiles are its only means to conduct conventional long range strikes.

Second Artillery Corps officers are now required to be part of joint commands. Tactics Tactics The Second Artillery practices group launches sequential missile launches from different bases to test its rapid response and retaliatory capabilities. This tactic was used in Sino-Soviet war scenarios and during the missile firings near Taiwan in and Units frequently practice mobile launches and work to shorten pre-launch times. Units frequently launches mobile practice and work to shorten pre-launch times.

Ultimate authority to use nuclear weapons rests with the Chairman of the Central Military Commission currently Jiang Zemin after top leaders have reached a consensus. A decision to use nuclear weapons may also require a consensus decision within the Central Military Commission and other senior military leaders.

Since the end of the Second Artillery Corps has promoted a number of missile experts to command positions at and above the regimental level in order to promote professionalism. The Second Artillery Corps reportedly maintains strict discipline. While other military units have become involved in business activities, the Second Artillery Corps has refrained from such practices. All personnel are prohibited from using training days for other activities as well as from using military equipment and vehicles for business.

In addition, personell are prohibited from attending parties at local restaurants and dance halls. The unit has provided its own entertainment facilities for its troops, though. All staff are prohibited from using training days for other activities as well as from using military equipment and vehicles for business. In addition, personnel are prohibited from attending parties at local restaurants and dance halls. Each base also has training and nuclear warhead maintenance units and reports directly to the Second Artillery Corps commander.

For ease of maintenance, each missile brigade is responsible for only one type of missile. Each base also has training and nuclear warhead maintenance units and reports directly to the Second Artillery Corps command. Below the brigade are the battalions, each with its own strategic missile carrier or several tactical missile systems. Each battalion also has support companies specializing in C3I, logistics, security and engineering.

Mobile missile crews spend most of their time traveling from site to site and are required to know the location of the launch sites in their own region as well as the launch sites of neighboring regions. Following American and Soviet practice, China originally planned to house their DF-4 and DF-5 in silos, but began to rethink this method in the s as the survivability of silo-housed missiles was called into question.

However, to improve survivability fake silos were built to confuse opponents. Following American and Soviet practice, China originally planned to house their DF-4 and DF-5 in silos, but Began to rethink this method in the s have the survivability of silo-housed missiles was called into question.

However, to Improve survivability fake silos were built to confuse opponents. As a result, a number of the best launching brigades were transferred from north China to east and south China. The Unit is headquartered in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. The th brigade in Leping took part in the March missile exercises off the coast of Taiwan. During a wartime situation the th brigade would disperse to prearranged sites in Fujian Province in to order to be able to strike the entire island of Taiwan. Missiles are usually transported by rail for field deployments.

During a wartime situation The th Brigade would disperse to prearranged sites in Fujian Province in order to to be able to strike the entire island of Taiwan. The Unit is headquartered in Kunming, Yunnan province. The Unit is headquartered in Kunming, Yunnan Province. The Unit is headquartered in Luoyang, Henan province. The Unit is headquartered in Huaihua, Hunan province.

Its DF-4 missiles can strike Guam. The Unit is headquartered in Huaihua, Hunan Province. The Unit is headquartered in Xining, Qinghai province. Its DF-4 missiles can strike targets in India and Russia. This unit may also have an experimental unit assigned to it. The Unit is headquartered in Xining, Qinghai Province. Conducts research on operations, transporter erector launchers and logistics. Conducts research on operations, transport erector launchers and logistics.

Conducts research on command automation, targeting and mapping. Educates technicians involved in rocket research. In the mids conducted research into solid rocket reliability. Oversees overall design work. Trains officers for leadership positions within the Second Artillery Corps. You, p. You, P. Michael D. Stokes, p. Stokes, P. Ibid, p. Gill and Mulvenon. Stokes, pp. Lewis and Hua, p. Lewis and Hua, P. This material is produced independently for NTI by the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Monterey Institute of International Studies and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of and has not been independently verified by NTI or its directors, officers, employees, agents.

In northeast Italy, over 2, people are killed when a large landslide behind the Vajont Dam causes a giant wave of water to overtop it. PP, doi Table of Contents October , v. Nicholas Grunitzky succeeded Olympio. A12 EWH, 1st ed. Lawrance Thompson authored a 3-volume biography Right-wing Baathists succeeded in mounting a coup and executed PM Gen. Abdel Karim Qassim. Abdul Salam Arif came to power. This was followed by a massacre of thousands of peasants, communists and trade unionists. She had been married to English poet Ted Hughes d.

The woman for whom Hughes left Plath committed suicide 5 years later. It was the 1st Lennon-McCartney song recorded by someone else. He led the Bulls to three consecutive NBA titles and was considered by some to be the greatest basketball player ever. Officer Karl Hettinger managed to escape. Smith served 19 years for his role in the case before he was paroled. The novel was turned into a film in The Agung eruption killed 1, people. Gideon had been forced to defend himself in Florida in Jan , and petitioned the Supreme Court to hear his complaint.

Kennedy and six Latin American presidents pledged to fight Communism. The Profumo call girl scandal almost toppled the government. Valerie Hobson d. A Masterpiece Theater TV play was based on these events. TMC, , p. Templeton 52 , composer, pianist Alec Templeton Time , died. Three years later, the two countries agreed to construct a road that would provide a hitherto non-existent road-link for mutual benefit.

Hafez Assad played an important role. The strike ended days after began on December 8, Martin Luther King began the first non-violent campaign in Birmingham, Alabama. Ebooks and Manuals

James Campbell performed the 1st human nerve transplant. This was the biggest civil war Venezuela had had since its independence. All history of weapon production in Izhevsk can be learned in the museum of Kalashnikov opened during life of the well-known constructor. Izhvesk City Pond is the biggest Pond, which was artificially constructed in parts dug by hand in the s for industrial needs and now is one of the city's most popular places for recreation.

Izhevsk and the Udmurt Republic are well-known for their famous people, not far from here, in Votkinsk the composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was born, the four-time Olympic champion skier Galina Kulakova lives in Izhevsk, here it is possible to witness to life of the first Russian the cavalrywoman named Nadezhda Durova and the writer Vladimir Galaktionovich Korolenko who was exiled to the city of Glazov located km from Izhevsk. I had forgotten Shep Poor. Sorry, Shep, David says.

Fran and I saw Hugh and Nancy quite a bit in those few yeas we lived in the Detroit area in the 60s but have had little contact since then. I am recently returned from a six-week tour of the U. Charlie Merrels via a postcard of one of those giant cruise ships says he has just taken one for the last time and will content himself to stay from here on out at, where else, Sleepy Hollow. Pleasant note from Nancy Schlosser, widow of Bill. She has been traveling again; this time to Iceland, which she circumnavigated.

Back home at Alisal Ranch in sunny California she will have presided over a family reunion of 19! On a personal note: on a visit to my children in Denver over Labor Day to celebrate what I call my anticipatory 90th birthday actually it is in December , my son Hudson, recently hired by J.

Morgan- Chase introduced me to his immediate superior: Scott Nycum The usual reminiscing ensued, all very pleasant Frederick Wardwell P. Box Searsmont, ME There weren t enough rainy days this summer to get caught up on the desk work, but fortunately there were one or two very pleasantly spent talking to classmates gathering news. Carl Appleby says he spent most of his working years in the newspaper business, and it must have been stressful because his firm had more than newspapers scattered around the country.

He must also have experienced stress in the Marine Corps, training to land on the home islands in Japan and then 10 Williams People December later being recalled for duty in Korea. Don Bishop, now of Sudbury, Mass. John Bradley is still crosscountry skiing around home in Manchester, Mass. Fielding Brown is now a rather full-time sculptor and woodworker and reports he even sells some of his work from time to time.

He invites us all to check his website www. Don Brumbaugh put some lung surgeons to work last April but by early fall was getting about pretty well. Two sons are nearby. Jay Buckley retired in Groton, Conn. Stu Coan is back on the tennis court after a bout of shoulder surgery and was splitting wood from a large tree blown down by a windstorm prior to hurricane Irene. Ebooks and Manuals

He thought Irene did little to his Greenwich, Conn. Chuck Cole reported he is not going to compete in local crosscountry races but that his two new knees work well. Jim Draper is the go-to guy if you want to discuss those tracks in plasma left by highspeed collisions of particles at the University of California s particle accelerator. Larry Brashears and I were at Cornell in the late 40s at the same time Jim was working and studying there, but there was an apparent intellectual gap, and we didn t meet. In any event, Jim is still studying those particle tracks.

Don Gamble spent time on a destroyer escort in the Pacific after finishing the V program at Williams and then was very successful in the food distribution business. He and Marilyn have four great-grandchildren. Dave Goodheart has something of a tale of woe concerning a serious aneurism, subsequent infection and an emergency installation of a pacemaker; however all s well now. They have a son in Senegal building second homes, mostly for Germans.

Go figure! Barbara recalls two fine years at Williams after the war and was urging George to go to our minireunion in October. Gil Lefferts is a hard guy to reach. Call after , and he is most likely to be on a train to his architectural business in New York. Probably building another hospital. Strother Marshall has kids in Maine, Ireland and Vietnam and says is the greatest. He lives on the water in California and cannot figure out why that state works the way it does.

Art McComb is still an active stock broker and reports the very severe volatility of August makes life very interesting. He was V at Williams and subsequently spent a year in Tientsin, China, at war s end. He became the treasurer at Smith s Cough Drops and produced a son who has two books published concerning USN destroyers. Elliot Stearns, according to his wife Martha, is suffering Alzheimer s and is in an institution, but all is not doom and gloom. She is able to drive and see him often in Tucson, Ariz. Of their four sons, one is a urologist, one a musician, one a cabinet maker and one a computer jock.

Diversification anyone? To quote some of it: Two long columns in the Boston Globe for Aug. I was honored to be best man for Les first marriage. It was a double-ring ceremony, but when the time came for the husband to produce his ring to give his wife, Les did not have it. I passed mine to him so he could give it to her for the. I wasn t surprised to see in the group picture taken of our class s 50th reunion that only Les had forgotten to put on the standard class shirt we were supposed to wear.

He wasn t dissenting; his absentmindedness was simply being presentminded somewhere else. Cush s piece has much more in it than this, but you get the picture. Send me an if you would like a copy of the whole piece, and I will forward it to you. Cush says he himself has Parkinson s. After writing five books, he knows it is too much work to try for more. Instead he writes reviews, essays and short fiction, most frequently for the Sewanee Review. Alas, no more tennis, and he gave up performing magic shows when he was However, he still intends his next trip to Williamstown to be for the 75th reunion!

Your class secretary, Fred Wardwell, can say at this time of writing that his bees have had a great year and that on returning to Maine after July and August on Lake Ontario, he has found the farm a mess. Ann and I anticipated a pleasant time in Williamstown at the October minireunion and some ice boating by the time you receive this.

Jervis Brinton Jr. He was He died in Basking Ridge at Fellowship Village, a continuing-care retirement community such as our own. He had been chairman of the board there for many years. In fact he was chairman of the finance committee of Winchester Gardens when he died. It was during these years that I really got to know Jerv. Those of you who read this column will know much of this already. You will see how much of a giant he was. For over 60 years, Mr.

Brinton served as the leader, chairman of the board and visionary of many organizations. He chaired the Fannie E. Rippel Foundation and the Marcus L. Upon graduating from Episcopal Academy in Philadelphia, he left for Williams College to join the Class of That is true, of course, but like so very many of us who went off to fight the Hun, we didn t actually get our degrees until later. In Jerv s case it was , but he chose to identify with 46, as indeed most of us did. He majored in econ and was in Delta Upsilon. With some help from the archives at the college, I learned that for four years at Williams, he belonged to the yacht club.

That s interesting, because they had neither a body of water on which to have a craft, nor indeed a craft. Perhaps this is what turned his interest to the very many philanthropies with which he was involved post graduation. On returning to Williams following his tour of duty with the U. Army in England, he brought with him a wife, one Helen Baker from Kentucky.

I didn t know her well, I m sorry to say. A lifelong Quaker, he demonstrated those values throughout his personal and public lives, including humility, compassion for others, civic engagement and generosity, education and dedication to family. An avid sailor, golfer and tennis player, Mr. Brinton enthusiastically maintained an active intellectual and physical life.

Helen, whom I only knew when she was confined to a wheelchair, died several years ago, and Jerv subsequently met and married Antonia Marotta, herself a widow. When not in Florida, they lived in her home in Watchung, not very far from me. In a previous issue of People I described the house. He and Helen had two sons and one daughter, who all survive him, as well as his wife Toni, her children December Williams People There is a story that goes along with any article involving the Brintons.

During our Civil War, there was a general whose reputation as a fighter was somewhat mixed but not so badly that he didn t win the election to become the 24th governor of New Jersey. His name is George B. You guessed it. The B. As many of us know, she suffered from arthritis for many, many years. Dick and Trina hosted the Babsons at lunch last summer in Maine.

Dick reports that Stan is now almost completely blind. While I am in this mode of death, I want to touch on the obituary of Doug Royal, 86, who was a flutist and a lawyer. I never knew Doug well at Williams, and so I enjoyed in reading his obituary to learn that he had what seems to me an outstanding life and career of personal fulfillment and civic obligation. He learned to play the flute growing up in Harrisburg.

Though very talented, he opted for a more stable livelihood as a lawyer and got his JD from the University of Pennsylvania. Forty years later he retired from the practice of law, having represented during that time Eastern College, Valley Forge Military Academy, the Wayne Presbyterian Church and other organizations too numerous to mention. He and Bette Caum Royal, who predeceased him by a few months, were married for 60 years and traveled the world together to Alaska, British Columbia, Mexico, Italy and Portugal, including cruising the Danube, Po and Rhine rivers.

All this in addition to cruising Chesapeake Bay and Albemarle Sound in their cutter-rigged sloop Syrinx and the Virgin Islands in chartered sailboats. Douglas David Royal, formerly of St. Davids, a lawyer and musician, died of Parkinson s disease Saturday, March 26, at Dunwoody Village, a retirement community in Newtown Square. I received a letter from Larry Heely, who allowed as how he was able to get to the Alumni 12 Williams People December Golf Tournament again this year, with his son-in-law in the 19th flight out of 20 second to last.

As always, we had a great time with members of classes slightly more recent than ours. After 15 years of begging for class communication, Dick sent a letter, which I neglected so long that I missed the last alumni notes. Dick writes of the pleasures of living on his farm in Michigan, where he and one of his sons manage their cattle herd. Dick is typical of our mixed-up class, going to Williams in the V program and becoming an MD.

He has great memories, especially of the Williams Octet and their concert at Bennington, where he met his wife, to whom he was married for 53 years. He shares in all our pride in being an alumnus of such a great college. Any communications from other classmates would be welcomed at his farm John A. And speaking of Teran, he was elected chairman of the Paxton Mass. Democratic Town Committee. Also, Jerry and Trudi entertained your scribe and Sandra at luncheon in their home in early September when we flew north to attend a family funeral. Heard from Buck Jordan, who says he s hanging in there and sends his regards to all.

Had a nice letter from Harry Dewey, who brought me current on his and Jane s doings. The following from Geraldine and Barry Emmert: Being on the right side of the turf has to pass for excitement for this classmate. Doctor-ordered increase in walking is demanding for this old codger, with much titanium hardware now a permanent part of his anatomy.

But must say capacity for a half-hour slog around the neighborhood has improved. After a couple of years since our last long trip to the Antipodes, wife Gerry and I dusted off passports to favor a two-week river cruise of the Rhine and Danube. By definition, the route was confined to riparian towns of five countries, including 67 tedious lock elevators, on this 1,mile Amsterdam-to-Budapest Hajj.

Land excursions were all too brief. A half day for Cologne!? And little more for Vienna. Focus was on the joys of shipboard events, hyped endlessly by the non-stop ebullience of the happiness director. And we did enjoy patches of the castle-sprinkled Rhine and the vineyards bordering the Danube s Wachau Valley. Be advised that these two streams are the commercial highways of Europe and do float numberless craft dispensing diesel fuel, natural gas and building materials to equally numberless shoreside enterprises.

But we now know the location of Slovakia s Bratislava! A moderately disappointing journey, this, but it has served as our excitement for From Carol and Rhett Austell: We knew that at some point we would probably have to downsize and relinquish the pleasures and the burdens of home ownership.

Well, that point has arrived. As of Aug. Sentry Hill is only seven miles from Kittery, where we have lived for the past 12 years, and not much farther from Portsmouth, N. But we do hate to give up this house, which we built in ! Esty shares that his dad and Harry Dewey s were 17 classmates. Esty says, Daughter Rebecca is 86, and brothers Reed and Charles are The string will probably end there. But it sure has been a good run for the Fosters! Esty continues, We took two weeks in Greece, Croatia and Italy last spring. The excuse was a wedding in Rhodes, the daughter of the American woman who babysat our kids in Dallas when she was 12 years old.

We keep track of one another, and Nina and I have visited her a number of times in Lindos over the years. Everything you ve ever heard about Greek weddings is absolutely true, especially the food and the dancing, which is definitely a man s game. Deadly serious and precise at the outset, it gradually loosens up as the beer takes hold and eventually becomes chaotic as the women and the less experienced guests take a fling.

Wandered around Dubrovnik for almost a week. Because of its history, Medieval architecture and because the Old City has found the money to be substantially restored after the Serbian war, it s an attractive place to be. Much of the rest of Croatia hasn t been so lucky and is testimony to the long-lasting and perhaps irreparable damage of careless wars. The summer mostly in the Adirondacks, where we have a primitive camp; no motors, so access is by guideboat and canoe.

No electricity either, or conventional plumbing. Oil lamps and a wood stove. Surrounded by the High Peaks, though we don t climb anymore. Great place to see the grands and catch up with friends. And one doesn t take the details of daily living as much for granted. Good for the perspective. Esty concludes, We re in pretty good shape. Have no idea yet what we ll die of, so that s going to be a surprise. Feet and balance aren t what they used to be, but I can still carry a respectable, age-appropriate load and am comfortable and useful in a guideboat or canoe.

Now the sad part. The college notified me of the death of Herb Chisholm on April We send our sympathy to Norma and their family. Apparently they had been running a generator in the basement after losing power in tropical storm Irene when the exhaust system malfunctioned.

On behalf of the class, we send our condolences to their family Chuck Utley Van Buren Circle Mountain View, CA To begin, Giles Kelly posed a question for 49ers that is published here in search of the answer: Having had a birthday in July, I wonder if at 90 I am the oldest living member of the Class of 49? At 25 I was one of the elderly freshman. How about it, class, does Giles get the 90 Plus Award for , or are there contenders out there? Received a bit of feedback from Pat Fox on why some classmates don t contribute to this column: I don t want you to think that I am ignoring your entreaties.

It s just that our only news has been of the grim variety over the last year or more. Not the sort of report that classmates look forward to perusing. However, I am getting myself on the Duke Medical Center list for full-body transplants. Stan Whetstone again reports enjoying summer in Park City, Utah, close to family, and hiking the slopes that I used to ski.

Enjoyed grandson s soccer games and the local music festivals in particular Doris Stevenson, artist-in-residence in piano at Williams College. First weddings of grandchildren, in June and September; both in Colorado mountain settings. Back to Bonita Springs, Fla. Keeping the link. Bob Messimer: Jane and I just returned from a trip out to Northwest Illinois to visit with our oldest daughter, Debbie, and some of her family.

Husband Steve runs a family oil business in a nearby town. They now live in the country on a gravel road in a fairly new house which sits up on a hill, overlooking a small lake. Debbie is an architect and decided the house should be redesigned to have the family room, dining room and kitchen look down on the lake. This took living in the basement for about nine months while the contractor did the changes.

The original 24 acres is quite hilly, so one son has taken up organic farming with many chickens and cows. Their main crop is the grass, which feeds the livestock and is later baled and sold for income. They have just acquired 40 more acres. Debbie has a big vegetable garden and small orchard, also organic. So this is where we spent our last vacation and enjoyed the country living. We have Reunion Weekend dates on the calendar and hope to be in beautiful Williamstown then. Tay and John Thoman probably visit Williamstown more often than most of us, in part because they can visit son John 84, a college chemistry professor.

In May, they took part in the celebration honoring the late Hodge Markgraf 52 and the sculptured granite bench he commissioned called Molecules, designed by artist Jenny Holzer. John said, We were back in June for a granddaughter s dance performance. We ran into Joe Durrell s daughter Connie Sheehy 75 the night before the moving van was to take their possessions to Dartmouth, where her husband Harry 75 is the new athletic director. John added a note about fellow Rochester resident Ted Curtis 51, who was recognized by the community in July for his 20 years of effort in revitalizing Rochester s waterways and for renewing interest in the historic Erie Canal.

A grassy bank where the canal and the Genesee River intersect is being name Curtis Point in his honor. We had a small wedding, attended by our six children and 13 of 14 grandchildren, including my youngest son, Bill 85, and a few close friends. Ruth and I met three years ago at the funeral of a mutual friend an idea which might inspire others of my classmates seeking companionship! Jim added, Life is good. Speaking for your classmates, Jim, our best wishes to you both. Ed Maynard: Just finishing another great summer in Maine with all 20 of our family present at times.

Am still out in our December Williams People Will soon start another year of teaching at Harvard med school and remain happily surprised that I m not as yet a professor emeritus. Sad to hear of George Hyde s death. He and Andy Goodrich were both ushers in our wedding 56 years ago. Good to see that much of our class is still hale and hearty.

Alec Clement wrote: My wife Carolyn had both hands operated on for a carpal tunnel problem, and I had some minor complaints that kept us near to home base. Had a nice weekend in Mattapoiset, Mass. Grandchildren also present, which made it nice. He is an Episcopal priest and preaches there for two or three Sundays at St. Philips, a little chapel on the water that is kept operational in the summer by a group of local trustees that includes Sam Watterson. Had a nice conversation with Dick Crissman 47, an Octetter, and we both plan on attending the Octet Reunion at homecoming time in November.

Always look forward to that. Also had a nice weekend over Labor Day in Newbury, N. Great spot to unwind. Highly recommend it. Following Williams, Hal joined the U. State Dept. He then moved next to the Treasury Dept. Hal returned to the private sector in , first joining Gulf Oil and then Chevron in San Francisco, where he helped the company expand its oil properties in Russia and Africa.

They were married a year later and enjoyed two great years of travel and companionship. During the last year they lived at Parker Ridge in Blue Hill, where Pat and a great team of nurses took wonderful care of Hal. He grew up in Maplewood, N. Following her death in , he established an annual lectureship for distinguished alumnae in her name at Bennington College, her alma mater. Throughout his adult life, Wally maintained a second career as a professional musician.

Most of us fondly remember Wally for his musicianship at Williams and particularly for the creation of our 50th reunion anthem Pasture Prime, set to the music of Clementine, with its singing led with gusto by Wally at the Saturday alumni meeting in On the professional level, he played clarinet and piano with jazz greats like Bud Freeman and also headed the Wally Olesen Jazz Band. Stephen Sondheim 50, a college friend, learned Wally was in the audience for a production of his in in Austin and recognized him from the stage as the best piano player I ever had.

Just before submitting this column, Bob Messimer reported the death of his fraternity brother Lew Somers 48 and his wife Betty on Aug. Betty and Lew were vacationing in their summer home in Maine during Hurricane Irene. A generator and its faulty connection were the cause of carbon monoxide invading the home. Their handyman found them early in the day on Aug. My wife Jane is a sister of Betty s, and Lew is the person who introduced me to Jane, whom I married shortly after finishing up my service in the Army late in l We were at the funeral service Sept.

We all will surely miss them but look forward to honoring them both for their many wonderful endeavors Kevin F. Delany O St. Living so close to Williamstown, Dunc and his wife Ann take full advantage of the many events, including lectures on campus and an occasional pleasant lunch at the Faculty Club. When you throw in the use of the college swimming pool and attendance at home football games, you end up with some pretty nice Golden Years. This item was brought to you by the Williamstown Chamber of Commerce well, actually, it could have been, but wasn t.

A good-natured note from Barry Benepe gives me the impression that he is swamped with activities, but I suspect he is hanging in as always. A message from Bill Coldwell in Mystic, Conn. Bill s wife Phyllis underwent lung surgery and fortunately is doing well and is free of the cancer. Meanwhile, Bill had hiatal surgery, and it too went well, though he is moving slowly. In June, Bill lost his brother Bob, Amherst 51, and his cousin. Marg, mother of Jody Williams Bill is remarkably resilient and says he still enjoys working with the Alumni Fund and keeping tabs on the Beta contingent in the class.

Dunc Donald in Salt Lake City has a plan. Dunc guarantees lots of laughs. Mark graduated from the University of Vermont Law School with honors. He was awaiting results of his bar exam in Vermont and New York Some upbeat news for the Yule season: Forbes magazine, in its August edition, has selected Williams for the second year in a row as the best undergraduate school in America. Not too shabby in a tough job market. We know that Williams does not encourage triumphalism, but you deserve to know that Princeton was number two in the top list, Amherst was number three, and Wesleyan number In September, a familiar fixture at reunions and Williamstown events participated in their final cruise after some 50 years of old-fashioned Dixieland jazz.

Aboard the sold-out cruise ship was your scribe and wife. Stu Rabinowitz sent along highlights of his most interesting career. He and Anne celebrated their 60th anniversary, and entertaining their six grandchildren ranks high on their list. Stu adds that he welcomes the progressive changes on campus since our school years. Hank started as a petroleum engineer, and after exploration in almost every western state he ended up as VP of a Burlington company.

He still does some consulting but has added talks to school kids and some TV appearances to his busy days. That still leaves time for golf and fishing and workouts at the Y. I d say Hank is into a pretty good career plan: Work hard, taper off, give back and enjoy your Golden Years. Brenda and Norden van Horne had a busy travel period this past summer with a two-week tour of Italy from top to bottom, followed by a safari in Zambia. Norden hoped to bag a big cape buffalo on the last day of the hunt, but, unfortunately, in his own words, I muffed it, but the experience itself was the ultimate experience.

Although his real estate business has come to an end, he remains active in the used, rare-book field of African exploration. Tom Pugh writes from coastal Connecticut that he and his family were still reeling from the effects of hurricane Irene. They lost power for four days, but the real damage was to their summer cottage 12 miles away, where a large section of their sea wall was taken out.

Tom says it was all very exciting but that they have had enough of it for the next years! We have lost several more of our valued classmates. Chuck Hollerith died May A widower, he is survived by daughter Catherine, son Charles and four grandchildren. Chuck was a theatrical producer who was very active in the Actors Fund of America.

Ted is survived by his wife Jane Wilson, stepsons Peter, David and John Damroth, brother Rodney, sister Katherine Jorrens, several step-granchildren and two step-great-grandchildren. Both were to attend the Amherst game, but Fraser was probably going to miss the December Williams People Bill Rodie enjoyed seeing all of the attendees at our 60th reunion.

He reports that while there is little news from Arizona, all of his children and grandchildren are in the state, and five of nine grandchildren are in college there. His health is better than I deserve, and he is, still playing golf but with significantly reduced skill. For a man who has no special news, Dick Chinman has lots to offer! He and Carole are in good health.

Eleven of the 13 in their immediate family attended the weeklong annual reunion on Cape Cod. One grandson, just back from a junior year in Japan, was not affected by the quake or tsunami; a granddaughter will begin her postdoctoral work at USC after getting her doctorate at UMass; another grandson was just back from Cambridge, England, where he spent his junior year as well as roaming around Europe and North Africa.

The year-old twins started high school this year, and another grandson is at Berkeley, starting his PhD work in environmental studies. And another granddaughter worked on the Isle of Shoals off the coast of New Hampshire. Former roommate Pete delisser plans to have his second book published by the end of the year. He writes that at reunion he and Carolyn were privileged to share a level of intellectual and friendly exchanges indescribable to anyone not familiar with Williams.

How fortunate to be a member of the Class of I plan to be with them for our 70th. I received from two Williams sources copies of a lengthy article from the Rochester N. As part of Corn Hill Navigation s 20th anniversary celebration, a grassy place on the northeast side of Rochester s Genesee Valley Park where the canal and river intersect [was] named Curtis Point.

A note from Don Gregg reminds one that he continues to be part of the conversation with the North Koreans. There are even serious discussions on the return of the USS Pueblo, which they seized in Surprisingly, the Koreans painted and repaired the ship in , and she is something of a tourist attraction where she is moored in Pyongyang. Don must have already earned some sort of award for patience and good humor. Talking is surely better than fighting!

Thanks, Don. He plans to take time off after another 19 tries. He is again on the Stanford Medical School Admissions Committee, which receives more than 6, applications and interviews applicants of which it accepts 70 for enrollment. He admonishes us to remember Bortz s Law: It s never too late to start, but it is always too soon to stop. Good advice. Tim Blodgett who recruited me for this job sent along several tidbits. First, in a conversation after the Reunion Jazz Band concert in Chapin Hall on reunion weekend, Tim was told that the Chapin acoustics are so good that cellist Yo-Yo Ma has recorded there.

Jack also confirmed that our last encounter was at or near the bar at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York over 60 years ago during an intermission of La Forza del Destino. Tim has recently talked with Granger Ottley s widow Judy, who continues to live in the central part of Maine. President Dick Siegel has sent me the thank-you letters from the three students whose summer internships this year were supported by our 50th reunion gift.

We got our money s worth in at least two ways. First, clearly each of those young people had a fine learning experience in a field they hope to pursue; second, each of them experienced firsthand the meaning and value of the philanthropy of a bunch of old goats who had been out of Williams for 50 years when they wrote their checks. I hope that they each remember the experience when their turn to support the college comes along. I will conclude by quoting a note from Art Edgeworth s widow Betsy: Thank you for making me feel so welcome at the 60th reunion.

I have even worn my purple cap in the pool while doing water aerobics. It has the 51 button on the side. It is a bit bold for a white haired old lady but keeps the sun out of my eyes perfectly. Betsy, please forget the bold old lady business! The next time you don the cap and slide into the pool, think of Esther Williams. We have all earned the right to be bold, and I will bet that Ms. We had almost 54 years together, plus seven years of dating off and on, for a total of As many of you know, there is a huge void before me.

Sadly, many of our classmates have suffered similar losses. Not an easy thing. On a brighter note, many stalwart members of the Really. It is good to stay in touch. We picked up Emily Kraft in Williamstown for the drive up, and the five of us had a wonderful time. Weather was terrific, and hospitality was fabulous.

Marigold and Bob Bischoff joined us for dinner one evening. Elizabeth and John Montgomery were in Greenwich visiting Elizabeth s son at Sloan- Kettering and were due to come to our house for dinner this past week. However, the hurricane knocked out our electricity controlling water, lights, stove and everything. The chef will plan another menu for the future.

Looking forward to seeing all at the minireunion in October and our 60th in June. Heard from Condit Hower, who reports he was able to sell or rather give away his house and moved into an apartment in Middletown, R. His wife Barbara is in the Alzheimer s unit of a nursing home nearby, and he visits her often. Otherwise, it s Tai Chi and Zumba at the local senior center. Hank Norton wrote: Mimi and I moved into our new house overlooking a lake. Full maintenance, so we bought a little puppy to keep us busy.

We have had a wonderful summer here in Concord with infrequent trips to Windrift, our place on Cape Cod, reported Rick Wheeler. Rick has stepped down from the board of the Friends of the Minute Man Historical National Park after a number of years, but he is still involved in the activities offered to the public. He says, The park draws people from all over the world in huge numbers. So with books and an occasional movie we have moved through the season supporting our challenging Red Sox!

The holly trees on the Cape were relatively untouched by the recent storms, so we are looking forward to a grand harvest. Oh yes, another wedding anniversary was celebrated our 61st! Received a lovely note from Mary Rose, who reported on Dick Duffield, et al. We have just returned from visiting my brother and his wife in Telluride, Colo. The whole trip was magical, the place lovely, the visit wonderful, and we enjoyed the movies.

So far our health is good, and Dick still works part time, which he enjoys and finds stimulating and even fun. I retired about three years ago and became a master gardener with the extension service, which I enjoy.