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Life has a lot of ups and downs, but Atoms pull together. We act with kindness, empathy, and respect, and we share each other's burdens — personally and professionally. And we intentionally spread it around, so everyone at Atomic gets smarter. We call it the Atomic Brain Trust.

We're accountable to our clients and each other. That means being open even when things aren't going smoothly. It's just the right thing to do.

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Atomic is a place of respect, support, and friendship—where every person can be their genuine self. Goris, B. Three-dimensional elemental mapping at the atomic scale in bimetallic nanocrystals. Nano Lett. Chen, C. Three-dimensional imaging of dislocations in a nanoparticle at atomic resolution.

Nature , 74—77 Xu, R. Three-dimensional coordinates of individual atoms in materials revealed by electron tomography. Haberfehlner, G. Formation of bimetallic clusters in superfluid helium nanodroplets analysed by atomic resolution electron tomography. Yang, Y.

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Nature , 75—79 Tian, X. Correlating 3D atomic defects and electronic properties of 2D materials with picometer precision. Sun, S. Monodisperse FePt nanoparticles and ferromagnetic FePt nanocrystal superlattices. Pennycook, S. Pryor, A. Wadell, H. Volume, shape, and roundness of quartz particles. Plimpton, S. Fast parallel algorithms for short-range molecular dynamics. Steinhardt, P. Bond-orientational order in liquids and glasses.

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B 28 , — Lechner, W. Accurate determination of crystal structures based on averaged local bond order parameters. Xu, C. FePt nanoparticles as an Fe reservoir for controlled Fe release and tumor inhibition. Muller, D. Structure and bonding at the atomic scale by scanning transmission electron microscopy.

Lewis, J.

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Fast normalized cross-correlation. Interface 95 , — Dabov, K. Image denoising by sparse 3-D transform-domain collaborative filtering. IEEE Trans. Image Process. Rogers, S. Precise particle tracking against a complicated background: polynomial fitting with Gaussian weight. Finel, A. Theoretical study of antiphase boundaries in fcc alloys.


Lattice Monte Carlo simulations of FePt nanoparticles: influence of size, composition, and surface segregation on order-disorder phenomena. B 72 , Zhou, X.

AmpliFIRE 6

B 69 , Heinz, H. C , — Wang, Y. Melting of icosahedral gold nanoclusters from molecular dynamics simulations. Numerical prediction of absolute crystallization rates in hard-sphere colloids. Russo, J. The microscopic pathway to crystallization in supercooled liquids. Download references. We thank W. Goddard III, J. Rudnick, A.

Atomic Ski | Discover the new collection | #WEARESKIING | INTERNATIONAL

Foi, L. Azzari and P. Sautet for discussions and T. Duden for assistance with experiments. DMR Nature thanks Jim Lutsko, Peter Vekilov and the other anonymous reviewer s for their contribution to the peer review of this work. All authors commented on the manuscript. Correspondence to Jianwei Miao.

Atomic Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Collection

By dividing the common atoms by the average number of atoms in the two measurements, we estimated that The light and dark grey projections show the whole nanoparticle and the core, respectively. Compared to particles 2 and 3, particle 1 has more nucleation sites at the subsurface, because many nuclei in particle 1 are relatively large and their cores are at a distance of more than one unit cell from the surface.

Dividing and merging nuclei are observed in b — d. No atomic model is displayed if a corresponding common nucleus was not identified at a specific annealing time. Another five growing nuclei in particle 3 similar to those in e — h are not shown here. Merging and dividing nuclei are observed in e. The 3D contour maps show the distribution of an order parameter of 0. The dots represent the experimentally measured data and the curves are fits of equation 1. Reprints and Permissions.

Deploy and Manage Your Containers in the Next-Generation Container OS

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